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The Film

Mercy for Earth (the film), explores why we are in our current ecological state, provides an attainable and permanent solution which may just answer the question, why are we here? With the participation of Academy Award winner, leading scientists, and educators, we will tell our compelling story in a visually innovative way that will explore our current crisis, the falling number of animal species, and the sacrifices made by environmentalists. Culminating with a call of support for our proposal, this story of our past, hidden tragedies, and optimistic future lend themselves perfectly.

​The topics addressed in the film are at times tragic, hopeful, sad, and reinvigorating.  Utilizing real life footage, animation, and the dramatization of intriguing characters, “Mercy for Earth” has an innovative  approach.  This organization will take the audience on a journey of emotions, from the admiration of nature, to the sadness of destruction, and the hope of a lasting solution. Our aim is to quell fear and provide hope, and demonstrate that the end is not around the corner. Life on this this planet will continue in the form of our choosing, and it is our responsibility to ensure earth remains the paradise we inherited. Whether we like it or not, we cannot avoid this fact, and it will be a long road, with no quick fixes. When one stops to consider what we’ve been given in return, our payment for this job, the gifts of comprehension, emotion, thought and expression, we should relish the opportunity to possess such an attainable and fulfilling purpose, and it starts by asking for, and bestowing mercy.

Worldwide Participating Leaders

Irina Bokova

Director-General of UNESCO

Hakubun Shimomura

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology JAPAN

Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri

Chief of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC);Nobel Peace Prize 2007

Ingrid Newkirk

President & Founder of PETA

Suzy Amis

Cameron an environmental advocate; the founder of MUSE School CA. MUSE Global and the Red Carpet Green Dress competition.

Msgr. Francesco Follo

Permanent Observer of the Holy See to UNESCO

Dr Qian Tang

(Deputy Assistant Director-General for Education – UNESCO)

Angie Motshekga

Minister – Basic Education South Africa

Henrik O. Madsen

Ph. D. – President & CEO DNV GL Group

Paul Polman

Chief Executive Officer Unilever

Stephen Leahy

International Environmental Journalist

Other Crew

Paula Gonzalez

Eluney Aguilar

Andrew Bailey

Daria Matza

Erica Sevilla

​Sean McDonald

Julio Archet

Gabriela Olivares

Jay Thompson

Jenny Woods

Leah Solo

Clara B Jaramillo

Maria Juilia Barsottelli

Scott Lover

Roxana Hernandez

Rosemary Wooler

Joseph Friedman Camera


Juan Valle

Luis Juarez

Manuela Barsottelli

Nicholas Barbalace

Richard Scofano

Avery Ketnis

Saul Boneva

Taylor Bailey


Victor Boneva

Diana Infanzon

Karian Coe

Jessica Gaytan

We have the backing of Academy Award winner, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and the leaders in science, education, and the environment. Our film has been endorsed by the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) and leading environmental groups such as PETA and Green Peace.


To have “MERCY FOR EARTH”. To bet on a major life style. For us to be visionaries and help us spread the word, to scream out loud for help, for the right of our children, our wildlife, our paradise…


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