Mercy for Earth seeks to increase public awareness, educate and mobilize the community by understanding environmental issues through research, the media and educational programs.

Environmental Education is facing new challenges. Despite significant achievements, from institutional agencies and others, it must be strengthened and project its expansion, thereby eliminating the slow bureaucratic aspects, creating new strategies of action, further opening of the social agencies and pursuing broader international commitments. Deepening in Environmental Education is the surest path to planetary transformation and survival of the human race.

We know that the formal incorporation of Environmental Education, as a basic and compulsory as a subject (such as mathematics) in all levels of education will contribute greatly to the development of future generations. Thus, the formation of “Environmental Educators” specifically prepared to deepen the comprehensive training of children and youth, and with a multidisciplinary focus on environmental and human matters (body-soul-spirit-environment) will forge new generations of individuals, more respectful and committed to the environment.

We want your help! Raise Awaraness about the importance of environmental education.


Create awareness, educate and mobilize at all levels of society in caring for the environment.

To help improve the relationship between humans and their environment.


Create a global environmental education program, developing educational resources, information and communication tools, and making them available to the entire world society.

Impact with campaigns, events and innovative programs designed specifically for each level of education and sectors of society in order to achieve our mission.

Reach a global governmental agreement on environmental education, overcoming the barriers that have so far prevented its deepening.​​


Eliminate or minimize the bureaucracy and excessive “institutionalization of the Plan”, to optimize the use of resources in specific and direct actions.

Integrate social and environmental organizations in cooperation projects for the implementation of the actions that enable the fulfillment of the objectives.

Coordinate with existing institutions, outreach programs, collaboration and coordination.

Prioritizing actions in disadvantaged regions through international cooperation mechanisms.


Achieved by implementing three dynamic areas:

Create Awareness

• Creating awareness about the impact and consequences of our actions and the importance of our commitment to address responsible solutions.

• Involve the whole society in identifying and troubleshooting, forming them into values, knowledge and skills development.

• Promote sustainable alternatives and solutions to each problem.


• Develop educational resources for all levels and provide free public accessibility.

• Create the vast Environmental Information Platform on the planet, as a source of information, study, research and consultation.

• Develop intense training programs for educators, at the “Educators to Rescue of the Environment Program”, which will act as a powerful multiplier.


• To promote citizen participation in individual and collective actions in favor of the environment.

• Integrate “Business + State + Social Groups” to develop Environmental Projects with joint participation, such as Cleaning degraded natural areas, Afforestation or Restoring natural areas.

• Developing “Artists to Rescue of the Environment Program”, with the participation of renowned artists and personalities in each country, they will record messages, advertisements and thematic classes, to be issued in the media (radio, television, print, internet, etc.) within the space called “public goods”.

• The media coverage of these messages, with prominent local and international recognition personalities, will positively impact a massive part of society.

• Encourage the presence of environmental messages in all media, sporting, cultural and social events.

• Present the Project at International Organizations like the United Nations, European Union and others, to incorporate into their Environmental, Educational, Social Justice and Development Agenda.

Our Sttaff

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She born and raised in Puerto Rico. She graduated from the Inter-American University Puerto Rico with a degree in Bio medical science. She went on to serve as event and campaign coordinator for the Non-profit Yo Limpio America, playing an integral part in mobilizing thousands of participants in environmental clean up efforts.

He born and raised in the United Kingdom. Lewis then attended the Academy of Art University San Francisco, where he studied Motion Pictures and Television. He has written several short and feature length screenplays, and has participated in the production of feature films, shorts, and commercials in the Bay Area.

Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science

Environmental Consultant with over 30 years of experience with a Masters degree in Waste Management, Environment and Eco-efficiency in Germany. Has accomplished specialized courses and around the world in various areas of environmental care.

Human Biology, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology. Lise is the Director of Environmental Programs and Curriculum at Midland School in Los Olivos, CA. She teaches Chemistry and established Midland’s solar program, in which 10th graders learn the science and help build the school’s renewable energy infrastructure.

President of Population Communication. Authored the Statement on Population Stabilization by World Leaders, which has been signed by 74 heads of government. Population Communication is challenging national leaders in the signatory countries to fulfill the mandate of the Statement.

Ellen Stuart is a leadership and professional development consultant specializing in academic and business communication. She is also an attorney who left private practice to pursue a Ph.D. in English.


To have “MERCY FOR EARTH”. To bet on a major life style. For us to be visionaries and help us spread the word, to scream out loud for help, for the right of our children, our wildlife, our paradise…


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