In Barsottelli’s environmentalist activist career, he can be distinguished for his creative environmental solutions, looking for different alternatives in government, industry and mainly in the education system under the slogan “There is no Protest, if there is not a Proposal.”

Creates environmental education programs and activities that provide solutions for waste management, contamination and pollution, creating awareness and mobilizing the population in favor of better care of the environment. Works with thousands of volunteers, cleaning contaminated areas and implement conservation plans for these zones.

Produced and designed TV series, PSA’s and publicity campaigns that educate the community about their responsibilities and obligations with nature. With the support of over twenty celebrities, including Oscar and Grammy winners, creating strategic media campaigns across 12 countries in Latin America.

Received the Environmental Quality Award from the Environmental Protection Agency. By the cleaning of a clandestine dump-site river in Puerto Rico, 20 months of work, removing more than 500 junk cars and over 2,000 tons of garbage. Was declared a Natural Reserve.

Now more committed than ever to achieve the purpose, along with a team that has over 30 years of experience in the field, is producing a documentary film.

The documentary has the support of worldwide leading scientists, politicians and educators.


To have “MERCY FOR EARTH”. To bet on a major life style. For us to be visionaries and help us spread the word, to scream out loud for help, for the right of our children, our wildlife, our paradise…


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