Our History

Mercy for Earth is a non-profit organization founded and directed by Ignacio Barsottelli, a veteran of the environmental conservation movement.


Ignacio Barsottelli founded the non-profit organization “Yo Limpio a Puerto Rico” (I Clean PR). The organization partnered with the Puerto Rican department of education to institute environmental education in schools and establish additional programs to educate the community about various conservation methods – initiatives that continue to influence the community today.


The U.S. Environmental  Protection Agency (EPA) awarded Yo Limpio a PR the prestigious Environmental Quality Award in recognition of his service as a tireless advocate for environmental conservation and motivator of change.


Yo Limpio a Puerto Rico programs achieve amazing success in the island making YLPR the most call to the action and educational organization in the Caribbean. Thanks to its success a new chapter flourish in different countries under “Yo Limpio America” (Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic and Unites States).

This projects always have the unwavering support of celebrities, including Oscar & Grammy winners, to serve as spokespeople for education campaigns, the support of several organizations, companies, leading scientific, and educational experts.
Over the past 20 years this environmental non-profit organizations has successfully increase public awareness, educate and mobilize the community by understanding environmental issues through research, media and educational programs.
Drawing on this organizations success through America, Mercy for Earth was founded with the purpose to serve as the umbrella. Mercy for Earth believes that the only way to make collective changes around the world is through environmental education. MFE  promotes existing global environmental educational programs and resources, and make them available to the entire world society. Help governments, private and public institutions around the world to establish ESD (Education for Sustainable Development). Impact with campaigns, events and innovative programs designed specifically for each level of education and sectors of society in order to achieve our Mission.
International relationships were established with leading minds in environmental science, technology, and education, many of whom have formally endorsed our proposal and continue to actively advise Mercy for Earth as we continue our work.

For more details about of history please visit www.yolimpioamerica.org

Creating Awareness Educating & Mobilizing

While the thrust of this organization is to educate and provide awareness, our main focus is to present a series of solutions and a working plan of action, so that a permanent change in the culture and perception of the environment takes place. To achieve this, the cause proposes that governments around the world integrate environmental education into all facets of their schools curriculums. Why do we lose the compassion we had as children towards other species? From adolescence to adulthood, we inherently know it is bad to steal, or unfair to cheat. We are reminded continually on a conscious and subconscious level that these things are wrong.  Yet we remain ignorant to the source of our food, we fail to understand the impact our purchases have on other species, or comprehend the toll our consumption takes on our resources. Why are we not taught these things? Generational education will evolve our collective thinking, with each generation making decisions with the conservation of the planet inherently in mind.

“This transformation is only possible with EDUCATION”

What about the numerous environmental efforts being made on a daily basis? This organization does not intend to judge what has preceded it, as there are many international programs that have made important strides. However, a majority has failed and there is an immediate need to evolve strategies, and eliminate the bureaucracy that hinders the development of such programs. The various government efforts adopted so far have not lived up to current human demands. Addressing the need for environmental education, and backed by uncompromising government commitment, we can bring to life the guiding principles we aim to achieve. We plan to illustrate how our proposal of environmental education can provide a lasting foundation that will work in conjunction with existing efforts and empower smaller nations to self govern the issues they face.

Each environmental crisis a government faces is as varied as the planet itself.  However these imaginary boarders we have created no longer contain the damage being wrought, as our daily impact exists now on a global level. As the name suggests, our plan for generational environmental education isn’t a short-term answer or a Band-Aid for the issues; even those bringing it into effect won’t witness the full benefit of this plan. However, the framework already exists, and similar commitments have been made with such mandates as theKyoto Protocol.  The difference is instead of forcing immediate change on an existing system, we can influence the next generation of politicians, entrepreneurs, consumers, so that the change is inherent.

“Mercy for Earth” and its group of experts are responsible for outlining the movement, programs and educational resources based on awareness, education and the mobilization of society.


To have “MERCY FOR EARTH”. To bet on a major life style. For us to be visionaries and help us spread the word, to scream out loud for help, for the right of our children, our wildlife, our paradise…


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